Child EasyFix vacuum mattress

Germa offer new design Child EasyFix Vacuum mattress. Child EasyFix is developed from our earlier experiences from the original high quality materials traditionally used abd producing Germa world class vacuum mattresses. Child EasyFix vacuum mattress using body shape design to optimize the vacuum mattress capabilities and limited storage volume. Intended immobilisation use for a child within the length of 90 cm up to 160cm this translate to a child between the age of approx. 5 years to 14 years. Child EasyFix unique construction which deliver efficient fixation of upper back, neck and head. Reinforced with base plate that cover cervical spine part. Together with fixation restraint system using X-system to support and create most effective immobilisation.

Recommended patient length capacity 90 up to 160 cm. Note! usable outside this range if effective immobilisation is deemed as having been achieved Specifications Maximum shrinkage on length: 1% Maximum shrinkage on width: 3% Approved according to European Standard EN 1865 and EN 1789 Material: Outer material: Polyester fibre, PVC-coated (flame retardant) Inner bag: Polyester Granules: Styropor granules (flame retardant) Wood board upper part: Birch plywood Weight: 4,3 kg (105 lb) without fixation straps 4,7 kg with fixation straps 5,8 kg total weight including fixation straps + footrest pump + bag

Product info

  • Head, neck and upper back part improved with wood part to secure stronger immobilisation
  • Improved chambers system
  • Head strap system
  • Compliant to EN 1789 and EN 1865
  • Carry capacity of 150 kg, 6 handles
  • Light weighted and small storage