Child EasyFix vacuum mattress

Germa offer new design Child EasyFix Vacuum mattress. Child EasyFix is developed from our earlier experiences from the original high quality materials traditionally used abd producing Germa world class vacuum mattresses. Child EasyFix vacuum mattress using body shape design to optimize the vacuum mattress capabilities and limited storage volume. Intended immobilisation use for a child within the length of 90 cm up to 160cm this translate to a child between the age of approx. 5 years to 14 years. Child EasyFix unique construction which deliver efficient fixation of upper back, neck and head. Reinforced with base plate that cover cervical spine part. Together with fixation restraint system using X-system to support and create most effective immobilisation.

Feature Benefit
Robust and efficient material to hold vacuum for more than 24 hours. Safety for patient and make confiding immobilisation.
Germa head pillow design including rigid wood part solution Efficient, quick and improved neck and head immobilisation, with visible ears in one go
High load capacity 150 kg Safe to handle patient
Closing mechanisms of the straps, plastic buckle Fix lock Allowing the user to quick tightenand adjust restraints on the patient.
Reinforced head, neck and upper back for fixation/immobilization of a patient Support upper back, neck and head for safe immobilization with built in birch plywood
Easy to use, providing the patient with even spine support through the continuum of care Quick to prepare, allows preliminary X-ray diagnostics, direct in to x-ray minimize handling
Germa improved chamber technology for quick and easy preparation. Give rescuers quick handling and excellent immobilisation for the patient ensuring the granulate is evenly dispersed to give the patient stable and optimal immobilisation.
Deliver consistent and rigid support and immobilisation of the patient over time with limited risk. Safe, premium immobilisation and convenience of patient fixation.
Handles with ergonomic grip Making patient lifts as comfortable as possible for rescuers.
All handles are reinforced so a patient can be lifted in a patient lifting device. Handles fixed to the bottom of mattress on piece. Maintain rigid immobilisation when lifting the patient.
Robust welding—fully welded without any open seams or textiles. Making hygienic cleaning of the mattress easy.
Valve with special designed hole, ensuring almost all suction devices fit directly into the valve. No adapters are needed.
Reverse air look system. No closing of valve at stressful site.
Made from plastic. Ideal for X-ray.
Improved V-shaped design to make sure upper wide part will make Will give wide sized patients the very best immobilisation of the back, neck and head.
X-designed restraint belt fixation close to the patient, support immobilisation process and comfortable for patient. Supplied with five colour coded straps either with fix lock. Helping the rescuer to place the straps correctly and easy to stretch and adjust.
Outer material is made of flame retardant PVC-coated fabric. It is safe and flexible making it easy to mould the mattress around the patient.
Design of the upper part allow the rescuer to place the arm(s) in two different options. Make sure to give the rescuer access to patient arm for treatment requested via patient arm(s)