Ferno AS190 Orange Splint Set

The Ferno AS190 Vacuum splints are intended to stabilise injuries on patients during transport. They are suited for fixation of patients with hand, wrist, arm, leg, shoulder and/or hip injuries. The splints moulds around the individual fracture giving an optimal and comfortable support.

Product no Product name
005002012 Vacuum splint, short arm
  • Length55 cm
  • Width36 cm
  • Height5,5
  • Weight0,75 kg
  • ColorOrange
005002013 Vacuum splint, long arm
  • Length75 cm
  • Width63/48 cm
  • Weight0.75 kg
  • Pack1
  • ColorOrange
005002014 Vacuum splint, long leg
  • Length112 cm
  • Width36/70 cm
  • Height5,5 cm
  • Weight1,15 kg
  • ColorOrange
005002210 Ferno Vacuum splint set in carrying bag
  • Length82 cm
  • Width32 cm
  • Weight4,3 kg
  • PackKomplet sæt
  • ColorOrange