Ferno AS190 Orange Splint Set

The Ferno AS190 Vacuum splints are intended to stabilise injuries on patients during transport. They are suited for fixation of patients with hand, wrist, arm, leg, shoulder and/or hip injuries. The splints moulds around the individual fracture giving an optimal and comfortable support.

Feature Benefit
Deliver consistent and rigid support to the patient Safe and convenient immobilisation
Made of robust and efficient material to hold vacuum for more than 24 hours Last longer, Safer, Trustfully
Multi fit valve Use of other available suction pumps
Germa valve with "reverse air-lock" and supporting counter Reduce hassles. Self-explanatory
Hygienic design easy clean Safer Easier Reduce cleaning costs
X-ray compatible and translucent Direct handling to CRT
Fits and can be attached to most stretchers on the market Produced according to EN 1865. In compliance
Repair kit easy to use for effective repair No return needed. Quick fix
Interchangeable valve Never out of service. Able to use splint set valve